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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Reverting to original mooncrest spoiler

I will try to remain as stock as possible for my ride but don't blame me if I go overboard as this ride is just too poisonous!!

The previous owner had changed the mooncrest spoiler to a R.Greddy spoiler in FRP material from Project S.
I guess it's up to the individual to it's liking. To me, I am not a fan of big spoiler or big wings on a Swift hence I have decided to revert to the original stock Mooncrest spoiler.
Luckily, the stock spoiler was given to me and it save my $ to buy another one. But I may be interested in a carbon fibre mooncrest in future. POISON!!

FRP R.Greddy Spoiler by Project S
Unpainted colour (matt black)
One whole piece (similar to monster style)

It's time for some DIY lesson again. I choose to save the labour fees and perform the swapping of spoilers myself since it's quite an easy task.

Step 1: Remove 2 mounting bolts from the top on the spoiler (inside the cap, shown in the 2nd picture)
Step 2: Remove 2 mounting bolts underneath the spoiler (you have to open your boot)
Step 3: Slowly pull up the spoiler (double sided tape is intact)
Step 4: Remove the leftovers double sided tape by rubbing and with a little bit of wax (Soft99 used)
Step 5: Clean up the mounting areas
Step 6: Prepare to mount the mooncrest spoiler which is applied with 3M double sided tape (a helper will be good to perform a proper alignment)
Step 7: Once double sided tape is secured, install the 2 mounting bolts from the bottom
Step 8: Install the 2 mounting bolts on the top
Step 9: Close the cap from the top of the spoiler

Here you go
I think it looks more sleek with the original spoiler
So the FRP R.Greddy spoiler is lying around in my house collecting dust after removing from my ride.
If anyone is interested, let me know...I can let go to you at a brother price :) - SOLD


  1. ur spoiler still available? email me @ cheers

  2. Hi JSsquare,

    The spoiler is sold.
    Thank you for the interest.