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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Lightened Flywheel and pulleys

I have been reading up on lightened flywheel, crank pulley and water pump pulley.
It seems to me that these lighter products do aid in torque increasing.

I've been following this site blogged by this gentlemen but too bad, his project stop as he sold his swift sport already.
I have met him in real life before. A very nice and knowledgeable person.
Some of the old timers in SCSG should know him too.
Suzuki Swift Sport

Ok, back to the mods. And yes, I become more interested in these lightened stuffs after reading a few of his posts and of course sat on one of my friend's car installed with the Exedy Single Sports flywheel.
It really feels like the car is lighter when moving off. This creates a feel of increasing in torque. But again, we are spoiled for choices. I am looking at the differences between the Exedy Flywheel and the Suzuki Sports Flywheel. Both has the same in weight, so what's the different? Brand?
Exedy Single Sports
Suzuki Sport
R's Racing Service
Monster water pump pulley
Underdrive pulley
What is Flywheel?
What is Underdrive Pulleys?
What is Water Pump Pulley?

I guess I have to read up and understand more before visiting the workshop and pulls out the stack of cash as these items are not cheap.
And most importantly, I have to stay focus on the handling first before I start anything under the bonnet.

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