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Friday, April 13, 2012

More add-ons to the interior

It was a boring Sunday afternoon so I called up my friend and went for a window shopping at Autobacs @ Ubi. Sometimes you can actually find great deals there.
I miss my full bucket sports seat with 4 point harness on it but NO! I am not going to install it anymore. At least not for my current ride. So I tried to make my seat belt look like harness. LOL

Sabelt seat belt shoulder pads for only $10 per pair
We left Autobacs when boredom starts to grow. Drove around Ubi area and we saw this workshop which is open on Sunday. Haha! It's Super Modern! So we went up and see see look look.
Another good deal found. Bought these Suzuki pads at $7 per pair.
This is pad is from my first swift
And the new pad goes to here
And here

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