This site is used for recording and to share the modifications which I have done to my Suzuki Swift Sport 1.6M.
All modifications are made according to my personal preferences and not advertising for any workshop or any brands.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Removal of rear wiper & motor - DIY

Another DIY project on my Swift Sport - not an add on but a removal instead.
The rear wiper is hardly used though it may be useful during heavy wet weather.
But I don't really like to use it is because it tends to leave a fan shape shadow on the rear window and it's an eye sore to me. (up to individual as some of them will find it useful)
So I decided to remove the rear wiper and it's motor (same as what I did for my first swift)
This is how it looks like with a rear wiper on.
Removing the rear wiper & it's motor is really an easy task. It took me only 30 minutes to get it done.
Bought a brand new rubber cover for the hole on the rear window from the SCSG for $10.
Tested by spraying high pressure water when washing car and not water leakage discovered.
Fitment is perfect and can only be removed by pushing it from the inside (inside the rear boot panel)
Good stuff...
Rear view after rear wiper removal task completed
It's actually plain black rubber looking surface but I DIY it with dry CF sticker

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Full Servicing done at mileage 64K - 80% completed

Finally got the time to do a servicing after taking over this ride.
This ride was well taken care of by the previous owner who performed engine oil changed at every 8000KM to maintain it's pristine condition.
This is what I did for my servicing:

Selenia Star engine oil
Motul gear oil
Ziko coolant
Suzuki original part oil filter
Torque Master spark plugs
Nology spark plug cables
Champion Twin drop-in air filter
Cabin air filter

Why 80% done only? Because I have not change the brake pads, rotors and brake oil yet.
Then why not get it replaced? Because they still bite very well so I don't there is a need for now. (maybe will leave it till the next servicing)

2 bottles of the Selenia Star engine oil belongs to my friends
Sad to say that I have no chance to tried out the Torque Master spark plug. I have to use back my NGK iridium spark plugs (which is still very new, found out only when I took it out) and Suzuki Sport spark plug cables because the Nology cables is giving me problem. It was not installed properly by the previous installer i guess. The plug cable burned one of the Torque Master spark plugs because the connection between the spark plug cable to the ignition coil was not connected firmly. This caused the engine to vibrate abruptly as only 3 plugs were working and 1 of it is burnt. As black as charcoal now.
Well, it's just my luck then.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Monster Radiator Cap

What are the functions of a radiator cap?

1. It keeps the cooling system sealed from outside contaminants.
2. By keeping pressure on the cooling system, it raises the boiling point.
3. The radiator cap allows coolant to go to the expansion recovery tank when coolant gets hot, expands, and pressures increase.
4. As the system cools down, it allows coolant to return to the engine from the expansion recovery tank. A bad radiator cap can cause the engine to overheat at lower temperatures. This will cause the coolant to boil over to the expansion tank. A radiator cap that is faulty could also prevent coolant from returning to the engine. This would create a vacuum and cause the radiator hoses to collapse.

Bought a Monster Radiator Cap from the SCSG at quite a good price.
Just get to know that the seller happens to be my friend's friend when meeting up with him to collect the item. What a small world...

The Monster radiator cap runs at 1.3 bar which gives a higher pressure than the original radiator cap which runs at only 1.1 bar. Water boils at 100 degree celsius at a pressure of 1. A higher pressure will increase the water boiling point. Hence it is able to adsorb more heat from the engine before boiling and entering the radiator for cooling down.
High pressure 1.3 bar radiator cap by Monster Sport
But there is a risk for the stock radiator to leak. Knowing the downside of this modification, I am still willingly to give it a try.
Point to take note when changing the radiator cap. Change only when the engine is cold. Cover the cap with a piece of cloth before opening it.

Friday, April 13, 2012

More add-ons to the interior

It was a boring Sunday afternoon so I called up my friend and went for a window shopping at Autobacs @ Ubi. Sometimes you can actually find great deals there.
I miss my full bucket sports seat with 4 point harness on it but NO! I am not going to install it anymore. At least not for my current ride. So I tried to make my seat belt look like harness. LOL

Sabelt seat belt shoulder pads for only $10 per pair
We left Autobacs when boredom starts to grow. Drove around Ubi area and we saw this workshop which is open on Sunday. Haha! It's Super Modern! So we went up and see see look look.
Another good deal found. Bought these Suzuki pads at $7 per pair.
This is pad is from my first swift
And the new pad goes to here
And here

Thursday, April 12, 2012

White Lights - DIY

The original cabin and boot light produces a very warm colour of light but is pleasant to the eyes.
But it is not really the type of lighting I want. I am looking at something bright which gives a clear vision in the cabin and boot especially at night, when you are trying to find something in your boot or glove compartment.
So I source the Internet and managed to find what I really want at a very reasonable cost comparing to those sold in the workshop though I would say there is a room for improvement for the time taken to deliver.
48 X SMD LED for my cabin light
This provides enough light for the front and rear room
Warm cabin light
See the different?
68 X SMD LED T10 for my boot light
Originally was purchased for head lamp pole light but didn't do enough homework, it's too long to fit into the mega option head lamps, LOL
It's really useful when it comes to night time
120 X SMD LED for my reserve light
4 clips securing the banana leaf the rear bumper needs to be removed in order to gain access to the reverse light assembly
Next will be changing the pole lights and the rear car plate number lights.
I am still waiting for the delivery so stay tuned.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Lightened Flywheel and pulleys

I have been reading up on lightened flywheel, crank pulley and water pump pulley.
It seems to me that these lighter products do aid in torque increasing.

I've been following this site blogged by this gentlemen but too bad, his project stop as he sold his swift sport already.
I have met him in real life before. A very nice and knowledgeable person.
Some of the old timers in SCSG should know him too.
Suzuki Swift Sport

Ok, back to the mods. And yes, I become more interested in these lightened stuffs after reading a few of his posts and of course sat on one of my friend's car installed with the Exedy Single Sports flywheel.
It really feels like the car is lighter when moving off. This creates a feel of increasing in torque. But again, we are spoiled for choices. I am looking at the differences between the Exedy Flywheel and the Suzuki Sports Flywheel. Both has the same in weight, so what's the different? Brand?
Exedy Single Sports
Suzuki Sport
R's Racing Service
Monster water pump pulley
Underdrive pulley
What is Flywheel?
What is Underdrive Pulleys?
What is Water Pump Pulley?

I guess I have to read up and understand more before visiting the workshop and pulls out the stack of cash as these items are not cheap.
And most importantly, I have to stay focus on the handling first before I start anything under the bonnet.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Reverting to original mooncrest spoiler

I will try to remain as stock as possible for my ride but don't blame me if I go overboard as this ride is just too poisonous!!

The previous owner had changed the mooncrest spoiler to a R.Greddy spoiler in FRP material from Project S.
I guess it's up to the individual to it's liking. To me, I am not a fan of big spoiler or big wings on a Swift hence I have decided to revert to the original stock Mooncrest spoiler.
Luckily, the stock spoiler was given to me and it save my $ to buy another one. But I may be interested in a carbon fibre mooncrest in future. POISON!!

FRP R.Greddy Spoiler by Project S
Unpainted colour (matt black)
One whole piece (similar to monster style)

It's time for some DIY lesson again. I choose to save the labour fees and perform the swapping of spoilers myself since it's quite an easy task.

Step 1: Remove 2 mounting bolts from the top on the spoiler (inside the cap, shown in the 2nd picture)
Step 2: Remove 2 mounting bolts underneath the spoiler (you have to open your boot)
Step 3: Slowly pull up the spoiler (double sided tape is intact)
Step 4: Remove the leftovers double sided tape by rubbing and with a little bit of wax (Soft99 used)
Step 5: Clean up the mounting areas
Step 6: Prepare to mount the mooncrest spoiler which is applied with 3M double sided tape (a helper will be good to perform a proper alignment)
Step 7: Once double sided tape is secured, install the 2 mounting bolts from the bottom
Step 8: Install the 2 mounting bolts on the top
Step 9: Close the cap from the top of the spoiler

Here you go
I think it looks more sleek with the original spoiler
So the FRP R.Greddy spoiler is lying around in my house collecting dust after removing from my ride.
If anyone is interested, let me know...I can let go to you at a brother price :) - SOLD

Sunday, April 8, 2012

JDM style - Yellow Foggies

I'm a die-hard JDM fan so yellow foggies is a must for my ride.
If you know me well enough, I used to have yellow foggies for all my previous cars.
My 1st car - Suzuki Swift 1.3A
My 2nd car - Honda Civic 1.6 VTI 4M
My current ride comes with yellow foggies too but the LHS bulb blown recently so I had replaced both bulbs with the stock ones which was given by the previous owner.
DIY - Replacing fog lamp light bulbs
Changing the bulb for LHS is really easy.
Step 1: Full lock steering wheel to the left (Start your engine to engage the power steering motor)
Step 2: Remove 4 clips on the banana leaf underneath the fender (use a flat tip screwdriver)
Step 3: Use your right hand and slot between the fender and banana leaf
Step 4: Reach out for the fog lamp assembly and turn anti-clockwise to remove the assembly from the cover
Step 5: Unplug the H11 bulb from the socket
Likewise for RHS, the only different is on Step 1. Instead of left, now you full lock to the right.
The painful part is when removing the assembly from the fog lamp cover. Due to the wiper water tank which is located just behind fog lamp cover, there is a limited space for your hand to get access.
You have to twist and turn your hand in order to get the bulb out of the fog lamp cover.
The easy way out will be releasing the side of the front bumper to free up the limited space.
Well, I chose the painful method which resulted a few cuts on my arm because I am afraid I might break the clips of the front bumper again like how I did for my first car.
This is how it looks with the stock fog lamp bulbs
Instead of buying a new pair of H11 3K light bulb, I have decided to go for the cheaper option.
Which is to tint my fog lamp with yellow film.

Had the tinting done for only $10 at my friend's shop in Yishun
The result of tinting the fog lamp compare to the 3K bulb is the same

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Fuel Consumption

The price of octane in Singapore is high so it means a vehicle's fuel consumption rate is an important factor to take note.

The Suzuki Swift Sport is powered by M16A, a high-revving 1.6-litre, naturally aspirated DOHC VVT four-cylinder engine with a 11.1:1 compression ratio, high lift cams, forged pistons, and strengthened valve springs. The 1.6-liter engine produces 125 metric horsepower (92 kW; 123 hp) 148 newton metres (109 lb·ft) torque.

Picture shown is not a stock M16A

  • 1.6L VVT (1,586 cc)
  • bore x stroke: 78.0mm x 83.0mm
  • compression ratio: 11.1:1
  • Valve arrangement: DOHC-16V
  • Maximum output: kW/rpm 75-79/5,600
  • Maximum torque: Nm/rpm 165-175 (2WD SX4); 190 (4WD SX4)
  • Fuel distribution: Multipoint injection
Due to the high compression rate, we can only feed our M16A with RON98 or above octane.

I am still quite satisfied with my FC for now.
Normal street driving style with a little bit of spirited driving at times and I still manage to obtain the mileage with a full tank of V-Power Racing (from our neighbour)

Fuel tank of 43 litres including reserve runs up to a mileage of 504.1 (low fuel indicator just light up)
My average FC is about 12.5km per litre

Friday, April 6, 2012

Cheap DIY +1 to cosmetic again

It's purely vain again but let's face the fact....who's not a visual animal? LOL!!

I didn't want to change to an after-market sports steering wheel because of the air bag I have from the stock one. But how can I make the stock steering wheel looks more sporty?

After-market sports steering wheel

Bought this yellow tape for $0.30
And here you go...

Thursday, April 5, 2012

My very first modification

It's quite hard for a Suzuki Swift Sport to stay in it's stock condition whereby there are so many poisons out there.

Well, I always wanted to own a keyless entry remote but was unable to do so for all my previous rides.
So now i have one and it will be my very first modification. I know it's purely vain =)

Got it from the forum without much effort.
Just post it in the WTB thread and you will be flooded with tons of replies or PMs.

Here's the "catalog" which was sent to me.

In the end i have chosen the silver CF to match the colour of my ride.

Here's the end product. Cosmetic +1 =)