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Sunday, April 8, 2012

JDM style - Yellow Foggies

I'm a die-hard JDM fan so yellow foggies is a must for my ride.
If you know me well enough, I used to have yellow foggies for all my previous cars.
My 1st car - Suzuki Swift 1.3A
My 2nd car - Honda Civic 1.6 VTI 4M
My current ride comes with yellow foggies too but the LHS bulb blown recently so I had replaced both bulbs with the stock ones which was given by the previous owner.
DIY - Replacing fog lamp light bulbs
Changing the bulb for LHS is really easy.
Step 1: Full lock steering wheel to the left (Start your engine to engage the power steering motor)
Step 2: Remove 4 clips on the banana leaf underneath the fender (use a flat tip screwdriver)
Step 3: Use your right hand and slot between the fender and banana leaf
Step 4: Reach out for the fog lamp assembly and turn anti-clockwise to remove the assembly from the cover
Step 5: Unplug the H11 bulb from the socket
Likewise for RHS, the only different is on Step 1. Instead of left, now you full lock to the right.
The painful part is when removing the assembly from the fog lamp cover. Due to the wiper water tank which is located just behind fog lamp cover, there is a limited space for your hand to get access.
You have to twist and turn your hand in order to get the bulb out of the fog lamp cover.
The easy way out will be releasing the side of the front bumper to free up the limited space.
Well, I chose the painful method which resulted a few cuts on my arm because I am afraid I might break the clips of the front bumper again like how I did for my first car.
This is how it looks with the stock fog lamp bulbs
Instead of buying a new pair of H11 3K light bulb, I have decided to go for the cheaper option.
Which is to tint my fog lamp with yellow film.

Had the tinting done for only $10 at my friend's shop in Yishun
The result of tinting the fog lamp compare to the 3K bulb is the same

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