This site is used for recording and to share the modifications which I have done to my Suzuki Swift Sport 1.6M.
All modifications are made according to my personal preferences and not advertising for any workshop or any brands.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

All gauges done up

Finally I have got some time on last Saturday to pay a visit the workshop and have all the gauges installed.
Another Saturday burned at Project S but it's worth it when you sell the end project =)
It adds a smile onto your face while driving.

Defi (NA Setup), Apexi RSM, Apexi Turbo/NA timer, Pivot Shift lamp
Amber nice?
Or white to match the meter cluster?
Apexi RSM black editon
Still not very sure on how to play with this gadget
Apexi Turbo/NA Timer use as a voltage reading meter though
The pivot shift lamp was a good buy too
All these gadgets are bought at very good price. I must admit that I am very resourceful in hunting good deals =)

Congrats to Justin

I would like to congrats my friend Justin for getting his Suzuki Swift Sport.
Welcome to the club =)
The car was white initially but he decided to give him a new colour.
This yellow is slightly different from the original Swift Sport champion yellow.

And the first place he visit after spray paint.
Installing the Sunline Racing 60RRS
Discussing with the boss on his big project. Coming soon.
I like this colour (Aston Martin yellow) very much. It really makes me considering of give my Silver a new colour too.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Extended gear shifter

Not sure if you guys face any difficulties changing gear when you are using a short shifter.
I do have slight issue with it. The feeling to engage reserve gear and lower gears are a bit hard.

Got this extended gear shifter from a bro (Chung) for free. Very kind of him =)
Now with this extended length, it makes my gear change a lot easier and smoother.
And i really like the design.

Interior gadgets

Got another good deal from Swift Club SG
Bought myself an early X'mas gift.
Defi Advance CR gauges (NA set up) 60mm Black dial comes in Water temp, Oil temp & Oil pressure, all necessary wiring, adapters and sensor, cup holders, controller and control unit.
For more information: Click here!
 Can't wait to have them installed on my ride.
Got a pivot shift lamp as well (50cents size)
And the Apexi Turbo/NA timer (not really looking to use the timer function, I am using it more as a volt meter)
I think I will need 1 last gadget for my interior, that will be the Apexi Rev Speed Meter (RSM) LOL

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Driver's floor plate and Suzuki Sport foot rest

Got these "metals" off the Swift Club SG forums. You can really find some cheap deals there sometimes. All you need is time and patience and a cellphone to seal the deal ASAP. LOL

Driver's side floor plate by Project S
Bottom view
I customized it by taping velcro strips at the bottom of the floor plate to prevent it from moving. These velcro strips will hold the floor plate onto the carpet in the driver side.
The original suzuki sports aluminum foot rest
Did the same for the foot rest
The edges of the holes look sharp but it's not. Trust me because i drive with bare foots
After a good wash, it looks almost like brand new!! Except for the center area =(
This is how it looks like after fixing it on the car
Nice! Cosmetic +1 hahaha
So where did the previous small metal go?
Here it is!!

Suspension - Coilovers (Handling +3)

The "limited edition - no more" was running on the Tanabe NF210 lowering spring. I feel it's too comfortable for me though it's harder than the stock suspension and the height of the car after changing of rims is really not appealing. About 2.5 to 3 fingers.
  Tanabe NF210 Lowering Spring
So I have decided to improve the handling further more and lower my ride with coilovers.
Really had a hard time changing to coilovers because Swift Sports are spoiled for choices.
Too many after-market coilovers for us to choose from.
We have all sorts of coilovers from Japan, UK and Taiwan.
From Japan brand, Suzuki Sport, Cusco, Tein, Greddy, TryForce, Tanabe, Sunline, Blitz, HKS, RRP, BuddyClub to UK brands like KW and Ohlins to some others make like BC, D2, API, Drift Racing, DGR and many more.......
AND finally i have shortlisted 4 types from the pool.
Brand new Tanabe Sustec Pro 5 and Brand new API Racing Type RS and used Ohlins DFV and used Try Force G-effect

The used Try Force G-effect is kinda of over budget for me and it's was sold before I really can make my decision.
After a lot of research and thinking.......

Here you go....

The Original Gold - Ohlins DFV
Many will ask, why get a second hand coilovers? Wear and tear items, isn't it better and safer to get brand new? Yes, I agree to that, nothing beats brand new.
Ohlins DFV is serviceable and allow to rebuilt plus the price for these Original Gold is too attractive to give it a miss though I need to swap my stock monreos with him.
Because the original Ohlins DFV has low spring rates and rear height is non adjustable. 
The owner spent additional $ to get the upgraded spring rates for both front and rear and the TM Square rear adjustable collar and short stroke kit which he bought brand new, used for around 1 year+, yet to track.

With these upgraded spring rates F7 R6, it gives me a firmer feel and with the rear adjustable collar, it allows me to adjust the rear height.
After suspension changed, an alignment needs to be done
Alignment done at Kenny's Alignment
Front camber -1.5 degree

Handling Bars (Handling +2)

I always wanted to max out my handling before going into other mods.

So here you go, these are the current bars you can find on my ride.

Cusco Front top strut
Cusco Rear top strut
Cusco Front anti roll bar
Cusco 4 point underbrace
Try Force design Rear anti roll bar by Project S
Try Force design Front lower engine chassis support bars by Project S
Try Force design Rear passenger room bar by Project S
SunLine Racing design Front fender bar by Project S

I will try to take photos for all the bars I have if possible.

Try Force design Front lower engine chassis support bars by Project S
Try Force design Rear passenger room bar by Project
Try Force design Rear anti roll bar by Project S
Cusco Front top strut bar
Cusco Rear top strut bar
Cusco 4 point underbrace

Rims & Tyres (Handling +1)

Hi guys, I am back!! Don't worry, I am still driving my Swift Sport and loving it every moment. Sorry for the lack of updates recently as I was really busy with my work for the past 3 months.
And at last I have got some time now to make a quick update on the recent mods and additional add on I have for my ride =)

After thinking for quite some time, I have finally decided that the stock outlook must go...
The previous owner (my friend's friend) must be upset to see how his ex-ride has become to. He maintained the limited edition outlook for 4 years and I break the stock outlook within 8 months or so...LOL

 The stock rims serve this ride well for 4 years and I have decided that it's time for them to take a rest as I am not really keen on 16" and the offset is really bad at +50
Welcome my new replica rims...TE37SL 15" 7jj +35 5 x 114.3 Matt Black
These replica rims weigh only 5.5kg per pc
  Choose to downsize as the tyre price between 15" and 16" is really too far apart.
Getting overkill tyres for road use =)
Changing rims and tyres in process
Semi Slick Toyo R888 195/55 R15
Love these donuts tyres
Here's the complete outlook after changing rims and tires the way, I sold off my TM Square carbon fiber bonnet. Stay tune for the next cf bonnet =)
What do people usually do with their original rims? Trade in to Tyre shop?
For me, I choose to bring home instead of selling back to tyre shop cheaply =)
Give them a good wash before storing them in my storeroom