This site is used for recording and to share the modifications which I have done to my Suzuki Swift Sport 1.6M.
All modifications are made according to my personal preferences and not advertising for any workshop or any brands.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Driver's floor plate and Suzuki Sport foot rest

Got these "metals" off the Swift Club SG forums. You can really find some cheap deals there sometimes. All you need is time and patience and a cellphone to seal the deal ASAP. LOL

Driver's side floor plate by Project S
Bottom view
I customized it by taping velcro strips at the bottom of the floor plate to prevent it from moving. These velcro strips will hold the floor plate onto the carpet in the driver side.
The original suzuki sports aluminum foot rest
Did the same for the foot rest
The edges of the holes look sharp but it's not. Trust me because i drive with bare foots
After a good wash, it looks almost like brand new!! Except for the center area =(
This is how it looks like after fixing it on the car
Nice! Cosmetic +1 hahaha
So where did the previous small metal go?
Here it is!!


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