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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Suspension - Coilovers (Handling +3)

The "limited edition - no more" was running on the Tanabe NF210 lowering spring. I feel it's too comfortable for me though it's harder than the stock suspension and the height of the car after changing of rims is really not appealing. About 2.5 to 3 fingers.
  Tanabe NF210 Lowering Spring
So I have decided to improve the handling further more and lower my ride with coilovers.
Really had a hard time changing to coilovers because Swift Sports are spoiled for choices.
Too many after-market coilovers for us to choose from.
We have all sorts of coilovers from Japan, UK and Taiwan.
From Japan brand, Suzuki Sport, Cusco, Tein, Greddy, TryForce, Tanabe, Sunline, Blitz, HKS, RRP, BuddyClub to UK brands like KW and Ohlins to some others make like BC, D2, API, Drift Racing, DGR and many more.......
AND finally i have shortlisted 4 types from the pool.
Brand new Tanabe Sustec Pro 5 and Brand new API Racing Type RS and used Ohlins DFV and used Try Force G-effect

The used Try Force G-effect is kinda of over budget for me and it's was sold before I really can make my decision.
After a lot of research and thinking.......

Here you go....

The Original Gold - Ohlins DFV
Many will ask, why get a second hand coilovers? Wear and tear items, isn't it better and safer to get brand new? Yes, I agree to that, nothing beats brand new.
Ohlins DFV is serviceable and allow to rebuilt plus the price for these Original Gold is too attractive to give it a miss though I need to swap my stock monreos with him.
Because the original Ohlins DFV has low spring rates and rear height is non adjustable. 
The owner spent additional $ to get the upgraded spring rates for both front and rear and the TM Square rear adjustable collar and short stroke kit which he bought brand new, used for around 1 year+, yet to track.

With these upgraded spring rates F7 R6, it gives me a firmer feel and with the rear adjustable collar, it allows me to adjust the rear height.
After suspension changed, an alignment needs to be done
Alignment done at Kenny's Alignment
Front camber -1.5 degree

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