This site is used for recording and to share the modifications which I have done to my Suzuki Swift Sport 1.6M.
All modifications are made according to my personal preferences and not advertising for any workshop or any brands.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Start losing it's stock outlook

Have the side mirror wrapped in gloss black at my friend's shop in Yishun
Red arrow pointing to the towing spot (trying to gain the trackie look)
 S logo wrapped in matt black colour

Thursday, May 24, 2012

New muffler

Got my current Sunline Racing 60SS muffler replaced by a brand new Sunline Racing 60RRS over the weekend.
What's the different?
The 60SS is a twin muffler and the 60RRS is a single outlet muffler.
Well, I can say that 60SS produces the loudest sound for a legal twin exhaust but it's still not as loud as the single muffler.
This 60RRS produces a low bassy and loud sound which is very pleasant to the ear :) and it's legal which is the most important factor in Singapore.
For looks wise, I still think that the twin muffler suits Swift Sport more as the original rear diffuser is meant for 2 exhaust outlets.
Performance wise, I personally find that the 60RRS tends to produce a higher torque compare to the twin muffler.
I will post a video on how the muffler sounds when I have the chance to make a recording.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Self Grooming

Spend 6 hours doing a full groom for my car at a MSCP near my house.
Exterior wash and wax, interior grooming, wash engine bay.
Tiring but you will feel satisfied after that.
Full grooming for 6 hours
Stock rim ah stock rim, why you comes with 15 spokes? very tiring leh!
Cusco stickers up! Bought in Taiwan at only $3 each!
Engine bay clean and tidy
R.Bcrews air box from Project S
Brake stopper from Project S
High press radiator cap by Monster Sport
Grounding cables from Project S
Trane Silver battery
Original Recaros vacuumed and febreezed
Last but not least, the boot is cleaned!!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Latest poisons added

Make a looking at the items in the picture below, you should be able to know what have been replaced from my ride. there are just too many poisons around especially when Project S is currently having some promotion sales.
The original mooncrest spoiler has been replaced by a carbon fibre extended mooncrest designed by Project S.
It's slightly extended and tilted compared to the original mooncrest.
The original bonnet is replaced by a carbon fibre TM Square design bonnet by Project S.
I must say the workmanship of this bonnet is really good.
Suzuki Sport look alike engine oil cap by Project S.
Lower clutch pedal and alummium heel plate by Project S. The lower clutch pedal makes the biting point closer compare to the stock clutch pedal. The height of the pedal to be relased by your left foot to reach biting point when depressed is shorter. Due to the thickness of the car mat, the front part is cut off to allow the gas and clutch pedal to depress fully.
Silver colour instead of red colour heel plate is added to match the pedals.
Rigid Collar has been installed on my ride.
Click on the link below to learn how Rigid Collar works.
These Rigid collar are produced by Project S and it works just like what Spoon has produced.
Installing front rigid collar at Project S.
Rear rigid collar installation in process.
Silver in the house yo!
The previous Bcrews grille has been replace by the original grille.
So a funnel for the Bcrews air box has been fix to go along with the original grille.
This funnel assists to grab more air into the air box.