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Thursday, May 24, 2012

New muffler

Got my current Sunline Racing 60SS muffler replaced by a brand new Sunline Racing 60RRS over the weekend.
What's the different?
The 60SS is a twin muffler and the 60RRS is a single outlet muffler.
Well, I can say that 60SS produces the loudest sound for a legal twin exhaust but it's still not as loud as the single muffler.
This 60RRS produces a low bassy and loud sound which is very pleasant to the ear :) and it's legal which is the most important factor in Singapore.
For looks wise, I still think that the twin muffler suits Swift Sport more as the original rear diffuser is meant for 2 exhaust outlets.
Performance wise, I personally find that the 60RRS tends to produce a higher torque compare to the twin muffler.
I will post a video on how the muffler sounds when I have the chance to make a recording.


  1. Hi, may I know where did you get your slr 60SS muffler?

  2. Hi yes I would like to know what you did with The 60SS is a twin muffler you took out? is this a sports aftermarket one that gives the original twin a better sound? will you sell it I leave on the Gold Coast