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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Rims & Tyres (Handling +1)

Hi guys, I am back!! Don't worry, I am still driving my Swift Sport and loving it every moment. Sorry for the lack of updates recently as I was really busy with my work for the past 3 months.
And at last I have got some time now to make a quick update on the recent mods and additional add on I have for my ride =)

After thinking for quite some time, I have finally decided that the stock outlook must go...
The previous owner (my friend's friend) must be upset to see how his ex-ride has become to. He maintained the limited edition outlook for 4 years and I break the stock outlook within 8 months or so...LOL

 The stock rims serve this ride well for 4 years and I have decided that it's time for them to take a rest as I am not really keen on 16" and the offset is really bad at +50
Welcome my new replica rims...TE37SL 15" 7jj +35 5 x 114.3 Matt Black
These replica rims weigh only 5.5kg per pc
  Choose to downsize as the tyre price between 15" and 16" is really too far apart.
Getting overkill tyres for road use =)
Changing rims and tyres in process
Semi Slick Toyo R888 195/55 R15
Love these donuts tyres
Here's the complete outlook after changing rims and tires the way, I sold off my TM Square carbon fiber bonnet. Stay tune for the next cf bonnet =)
What do people usually do with their original rims? Trade in to Tyre shop?
For me, I choose to bring home instead of selling back to tyre shop cheaply =)
Give them a good wash before storing them in my storeroom

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