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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Full Servicing done at mileage 64K - 80% completed

Finally got the time to do a servicing after taking over this ride.
This ride was well taken care of by the previous owner who performed engine oil changed at every 8000KM to maintain it's pristine condition.
This is what I did for my servicing:

Selenia Star engine oil
Motul gear oil
Ziko coolant
Suzuki original part oil filter
Torque Master spark plugs
Nology spark plug cables
Champion Twin drop-in air filter
Cabin air filter

Why 80% done only? Because I have not change the brake pads, rotors and brake oil yet.
Then why not get it replaced? Because they still bite very well so I don't there is a need for now. (maybe will leave it till the next servicing)

2 bottles of the Selenia Star engine oil belongs to my friends
Sad to say that I have no chance to tried out the Torque Master spark plug. I have to use back my NGK iridium spark plugs (which is still very new, found out only when I took it out) and Suzuki Sport spark plug cables because the Nology cables is giving me problem. It was not installed properly by the previous installer i guess. The plug cable burned one of the Torque Master spark plugs because the connection between the spark plug cable to the ignition coil was not connected firmly. This caused the engine to vibrate abruptly as only 3 plugs were working and 1 of it is burnt. As black as charcoal now.
Well, it's just my luck then.

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