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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Removal of rear wiper & motor - DIY

Another DIY project on my Swift Sport - not an add on but a removal instead.
The rear wiper is hardly used though it may be useful during heavy wet weather.
But I don't really like to use it is because it tends to leave a fan shape shadow on the rear window and it's an eye sore to me. (up to individual as some of them will find it useful)
So I decided to remove the rear wiper and it's motor (same as what I did for my first swift)
This is how it looks like with a rear wiper on.
Removing the rear wiper & it's motor is really an easy task. It took me only 30 minutes to get it done.
Bought a brand new rubber cover for the hole on the rear window from the SCSG for $10.
Tested by spraying high pressure water when washing car and not water leakage discovered.
Fitment is perfect and can only be removed by pushing it from the inside (inside the rear boot panel)
Good stuff...
Rear view after rear wiper removal task completed
It's actually plain black rubber looking surface but I DIY it with dry CF sticker

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