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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Fuel Consumption

The price of octane in Singapore is high so it means a vehicle's fuel consumption rate is an important factor to take note.

The Suzuki Swift Sport is powered by M16A, a high-revving 1.6-litre, naturally aspirated DOHC VVT four-cylinder engine with a 11.1:1 compression ratio, high lift cams, forged pistons, and strengthened valve springs. The 1.6-liter engine produces 125 metric horsepower (92 kW; 123 hp) 148 newton metres (109 lb·ft) torque.

Picture shown is not a stock M16A

  • 1.6L VVT (1,586 cc)
  • bore x stroke: 78.0mm x 83.0mm
  • compression ratio: 11.1:1
  • Valve arrangement: DOHC-16V
  • Maximum output: kW/rpm 75-79/5,600
  • Maximum torque: Nm/rpm 165-175 (2WD SX4); 190 (4WD SX4)
  • Fuel distribution: Multipoint injection
Due to the high compression rate, we can only feed our M16A with RON98 or above octane.

I am still quite satisfied with my FC for now.
Normal street driving style with a little bit of spirited driving at times and I still manage to obtain the mileage with a full tank of V-Power Racing (from our neighbour)

Fuel tank of 43 litres including reserve runs up to a mileage of 504.1 (low fuel indicator just light up)
My average FC is about 12.5km per litre


  1. hmmm is this your fc on stock or modified already?

    1. hi there,

      this FC is based on almost stock condition with just ram air intake set up and after market muffler.


  2. hello thanks for the reply , oh because im only getting 300kms per full tank, anyways one last question is the bc ram air safe even on really heavy rains? thank you

  3. wow!! 300km for a full tank is really bad. Is your ride in stock condition? And it really depends on the way you drive as well...I can make mine at 300km per tank as well...LOL

    For the BC ram air intake, tested and proven with no issue. Drove through the heavy rain yesterday and have met all sorts of weather condition while driving up to KL via NSHW...

    I don't see any issue with the air intake set up with heavy rain unless it's a flood and the water rise up to the height on the grille but I think none of the air intake set up and survive that kinda of flood...hahaha

    Cheers =)

  4. yeah but forgot to say im from philippines maybe traffic here is different from there.
    mine is stock auto 1.5.

    oh great I will find one in wts corner of swiftclubsg might improve my fuel consumption hehe

    thank you

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