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Friday, October 12, 2012

Yokohama Advan Neova AD08

New rubbers again!!
These rubbers took almost 3 weeks to arrive and they only have 4 pcs of 195/55R15 just for me =)
More details can be found here
Was running on semi slick Toyo R888 195/55R15 previously
More details can be found here
I had these R888s running on my car for 1 month and mileage less than 1000km. Am thinking if I should sell it or keep them for future track usage. Anyway, if you are keen, I am letting go at $600 for all 4. Do not sell separately.
Replace the rubber center rings with these aluminum rings
Something I felt and found out between these 2 tires. Not sure if it's just me.

When I downgrade from my 16" stock rims to the 15" TE37 design rims and wrapped with R888.
It thought I will be able to get a better acceleration as in the car should feel lighter.
But nope, my ride become sluggish and felt heavy when accelerating.
I thought maybe it's just the air pressure is not enough hence I pump to 240kPa for front and 230kPa for rear. Ok, pick up slightly better but still find it a bit sluggish.
But the corner feels great. Even on lowering spring, these tires is very obedient. They really "listen" to you.

So when I got the Yokohama Advan Neova AD08 now. The tyre is definitely lighter than the R888.
With these AD08s, now I feel my car is really running on 15" rims. Acceleration is so much better. No more sluggish feel. Yet to test the corner though, but I believe should be somewhere near to R888 standard.
Side wall is stronger than R888, no more donuts' looking tires.

OK, if you ask me which one I prefer, I would say what meant for track usage is for track and what meant for road usage is really meant for the road. Be practical. Let them be where they should belong. But there are also hardcore drivers out there who treats the road like their track so you guys should buy these R888 from me for your OG night =)

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