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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Throttle body washed and gasket spacer added

Have my throttle body washed and install the thick gasket spacer at the same time.
Read up on the throttle body gasket spacer. Seems very interesting hence give it a try.

It is known to create and store a larger amount of air in the throttle body and maximize air volume going into the Intake Manifold.
Well, do not expect any big difference on this small mod but I do believe every little single mod do contribute a bit of improvement to our NA engine.
It does produce a hissing sound when you depress your gas pedal.
Not sure what caused the sound but it's still not that irritating to me yet.

Thick gasket spacer to add between the throttle body and intake manifold
One problem I discover after driving for 1 day...
Engine check light comes on...Zzz

Gotta visit workshop again on this coming Sat...Darn

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