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Monday, October 8, 2012

Ohlins DFV giving way for Suzuki Sport Circuit Stroke

Had the Ohlins DFV on my ride for around 1 month before I decided to let it go. It was a very short time though. It served me good enough on street and you can slam the height to make it HellaFlush but this is not what I am looking at. I want hard, stiff, harsh coils for track usage.
Initially I posted in the forum hoping to sell it and go for D2 or APi Racing. But someone I know offered me his Suzuki Sport Circuit Stroke for my Original Gold... O.O
So we arranged a meet up and tested each other suspension. I must say the circuit stroke is impressive and really stun me with the size of the rear spring. I am sure the day to test it on Sepang will come soon...
We managed to clinch a deal and SWAPPED!

 The Original Gold making it's way
 Front spring rate of 10kg/mm with 4 stage front damping adjustment
Rear spring rate of 8kg/mm with 8 stage rear damping adjustment
Look at the thickness of the spring O.O
Stroke distance -65mm front
Stroke distance -75mm rear
End result, I found that kinda of feeling I want on my ride and I am loving it every moment
Current setting Front click 2 and Rear click 1 =)

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