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Monday, October 15, 2012

Rear tyres rubbing fenders

The rear tyres are rubbing the fenders on this current set up:
Rim: R.TE37 15" X 7jj offset +35
Tyre: Yokohama Advan Neova AD08 195/55
Suspension: Suzuki Sport Circuit Stroke lower to Front 1 finger allowance & Rear 0 finger allowance
Camber: Front -2.5 Rear -2

No choice, I am poisoned by the HellaFlush culture hence I wanna slam my ride as low as I can to join the Slammed Society Japan =)

The workshop helps to grind the rear finder but I find that it can go further.
Hence I filed the fender more with the help of some friends in a MSCP near my house.

Borrow additional jack from my friend to jack the rear up
Removing the rear rims
Took around 5mins to remove both rims
You will need a big file, small file, some sandpapers and a pail of water
Serious man at work
Substitution needed
Manage to grind and file off 1/3 of it
No more rubbing of fenders YAY!! =)

We go further by drilling holes in between the honey comb grill on the rear diffuser.
This is to prevent parachute effect
Next project will be cutting my rear bumpers!!
Like the red and white swift sports shown below...(Photo grabbed off SCSG forum)
I personally know the owners. Very nice and fast ride they have.

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