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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Replacing the stock Recaro seat

I like the stock Recaro seat. It's a limited edition, only 500 sets are made by Japan which comes in leather and alcantara material.
The cushion is firm and it's really comfortable to sit on but it's not hugging enough for tight corners. And the sitting position is too high though my ride is already lowered to the max, I still feel like driving a SUV =)
Hence I decided to replace it with a full bucket racing seat.
Gotten this used M size Original Bride Low Max Vios III with glittering silver backing to match my car colour from the Swift Club SG forum.
FIA is already expired but it doesn't really matters to me so long as it's original.

For the seat rails, I have selected the Miki rails from Miki Marketing. The double locking design provides a super low sitting position which makes you feel closer to the ground.

The ride is already very uncomfortable as I am on the Suzuki Sport Circuit Stroke. So in order not to add on the discomfort for the passenger, I am keeping the stock Recaro for the passenger =)
The DIY session starts
Original Bride Low Max Vios III with the Bride side paddings
Glittering silver backing to match the silver car
 Rails from Miki Marketing
Super low double locking rails
Recaro vs Bride
Might want to change to these L brackets from Miki Marketing as well.
The built of it looks strong.
 Will upload more pictures on how it looks like when it's installed onto the car and the height of the sitting position.
Definitely gain more confidence when entering a corner with a full bucket racing seat =)

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