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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Painting of brake calipers

Another DIY project on my SSS. It was a whole day event which took me about 5hrs to complete.
I did it on my Swift before hence it's not a new thing for me just that I have additional 2 calipers to paint =)

Step 1: removing the rims
How: UN-torque the lug nuts before jacking up the car. Had 2 jacks to jack up the front portion of the car to access to the front wheels at the same time
Step 2: Cleaning and drying
How to: cheap way is to use Mama Lemon dishwasher & a sponge to clear the leftover brake dust and dirt
Cleaning on the LHS front calipers
Make sure it's really cleaned and dry before applying the paint
Since I have easy access now, why not wash the ARB and brake hose
And the circuit stroke as well
The cleaning for the front itself took me almost an hour as I really wanna do a good job
 Step 3: Painting the front calipers
What you need: High temp paint, medium brush, small brush
Optional: Masking tape, newspaper, thinner
How to: Apply 3 thin layers of paint
Base, Main and Touch up
Didn't bother to use newspaper and masking tape to cover the areas to prevent the paint as this is not the first time I am doing it hence I trust my painting skills =)
Use the medium size brush to coat the base and paint the main layer and use the small tip brush to touch up the corners and unpainted area. Leave every layer to dry for at least 10 mins before applying the next layer.
Step 4: Leave it to dry (minimum of 30mins) before installing back the rims
Da Dar! new colour for front brake calipers =)
Install rims and hand tighten lug nuts before lowering the car.
Remember to tighten the lug nuts with strength and in a Star shape direction.
Time for the rear calipers *tired*
Apply the same steps for the rear as well
Wrong demonstration. A wheel choke should be placed at the front RHS wheel for safety purpose =)
wash wash wash
Continue to wash wash wash and dry dry dry
then paint paint paint
Happy with end result
My first time - coming soon, stay tune =P


  1. Good one. I am trying to color the brake caliper, as it will give the car a bespoke & upgraded look. I came across about some reviews on best brake caliper paint. I will buy this. But need suggestion to do this. I will remember your tips. I will clean the caliper properly before painting.